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Eco-frienly Paint -Kalklitir-

KALKLITIR is a family business that produces beautiful mineral-based powder paint in an environmentally conscious way!

Kalkpaint, is lime-based and it´s main characteristics are the different shades of colour with it´s matte texture and superb depth. Being powder-form makes it even more eco-friendly, plus they are VOC-free and does not contain any film forming plastics.

Let your walls breath: None of the pigments contain any chemicals nor harmful additives, while being in powder for provide major environmental benefits. 

Budget friendly: Once mixed, Kalk paint can be stored in an air-tight container for up to one year, but in powder form it can be stored for many years. 

  • 1kg + 1,7l water = 8m2 approx.
  • 250g + 425ml water = 2 m2 approx.

Kalklitir in Icelandic means lime colors.

The Kalkpaint is packed in 250g and 1kg bags, waiting only for you add water, stir and bring out the unique atmosphere of your room. 

+ Info about: Preparation & How To Do: https://www.kalklitir.com/pages/faq